August 1, 2012

This was our second iPhone app to hit the app store and our most successful to date. Based on our experience with the Red One camera we knew there was a lot to learn about the multilevel menu system. The concept was to boil it all down into a handy utility that was designed to supplement the camera manual giving users quick access to each menu along with all of the available options and the function each provides.

The backend for the app is the most exciting part for us because it is built on our favorite platform, Drupal. While there is no active connection between the app itself and Drupal, the management of thousands of options across multiple firmware versions has to come from someplace and in this case Drupal made sense. Ultimately Drupal renders a set of sqlite databases that provide all of the data to app making updates to the app fairly painless.

Since the Red Epic has essentially replace the Red One we’ve made the app free because we believe in paying it forward. We hope that those who still use it find it helpful and at some point we will go back in and make sure everything is up to date.