Type Directors Club

June 15, 2012

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The Type Directors Club is an organization celebrating the work of the international typographic design community. The club started in 1946 and has been hosting annual typography competitions since 1956. We were introduced to the TDC by our good friend, author and talented designer, Brian Miller when the TDC decided to capture some of the luminaries passing through their doors in a video series. The Adobe sponsored series, “Legends of Type” has profiled typographers including Matthew Carter, Erik Spiekermann, David Berlow, Ed Benguiat, Sumner Stone and Mike Parker.

These guys are to typographic design what the Rolling Stones and the Beatles are to rock and roll. Serious players.

As relative newcomers to the world of type design, we didn’t know any of the interview subjects before being invited to produce their videos. Their typography, including Benguiat's "Planet of the Apes", New York Times, Ford, and Esquire logos have been iconic symbols throughout our lives, but we didn't know the names or the stories of the men behind the designs.

Hearing their stories and learning about their respective roles in the expansive and paradigm shifting transition from metal, mechanical type to modern digital typefaces has been amazing.

Really, quite an honor. To these designers, typography is art. It defines culture and communicates meaning that goes beyond the words that their letters spell. And, it’s ubiquitous. It speaks to us everywhere we look.

We’re honored to have the opportunity to spend time with the rock stars of the typographic design world. For us, working with the TDC has been more than just a job. It’s been an education.