GE Olympics 2010: Better Health

July 1, 2008

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This was a fun series of spots that we produced with the very talented team at Beeby Clark + Meyler to promote GE’s sponsorship of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics with “Healthymagination.” The concept was to produce a series of light-hearted “better health” conversations between former Olympians and a funny, engaging GE host personality, Jason Scott Campbell.

The athletes chosen by GE were Scott Hamilton, Michelle Kwan, Martin Brodeur and Angela Ruggiero.

The budget was far from lavish and the very brief time allotted for each athlete meant that we’d have to move at breakneck speed to shoot coverage on Creative Director, Tom Beeby’s funny scripts. With each of these athletes, we were given approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes. To call it slim would be generous. That time frame had to cover acquainting each athlete with the tone of the script, developing a quick, friendly rapport with our host personality, and actually shooting. Wow.

Fortunately, we had a super tight team working on these and we were able to create some pretty excellent results. Our two favorites from this campaign were hard-hitting hockey star Angela Ruggiero and gold-medalist figure skating legend, Scott Hamilton. Both had fun personalities that really contributed to the light-hearted, fun nature of the spots.