GE Ecomagination

By Very Nice Industries filed under B2C

March 1, 2010

The best part of this gig?  Probably the amazing time we had and the award-winning results we produced.  The worst part? It slightly spoiled us and made us think that all future productions would be as much fun... This gig was a tough act to follow.

Our good friend and frequent production partner, Erika Dutton introduced us to Beeby Clark + Meyler in the mid-aughts. The agency was embarking on its first significant foray into commercial video content and was looking for production vendors with experience producing engaging short form content. They had already engaged super creative, Mark Galley from Spitfire Interactive to direct the pieces and needed a team to help bring their creative vision to fruition.  We got along really well and were pulled in to produce the pilot video.

Armed with a GE photovoltaic cell and actor Jason Scott Campbell, we hit the streets of NYC to shoot man on the street bits about the benefits of solar electric power. A quick production-family bond formed between agency, talent and crew and the results were fresh, authentic and apparently what GE was looking for, because we subsequently embarked on a tour of the U.S. that took us from NY to LA., talking to people about GE's Ecomagination initiatives, including solar, wind, water desalination, and biodiesel.

Aside from our sincere appreciation of the environmental message we helped to deliver and the obvious satisfaction derived from the award winning results our campaign generated for GE, the best part of this job for us was the group of people we got to work, travel and spend such excellent times with.

The metrics generated by the BCM campaign compelled GE to bring us back for a global tour that included stops in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia, but that's a story for another day.