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March 9, 2012

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For U.S. businesses looking to take advantage of lower labor rates, Latin America has emerged as a strong player. For companies located in the United States, Latin America is considered a “nearshore” market. When compared to Asian offshore markets like India and China, LatAm presents significant advantages in timezone alignment and cultural affinity with the United States, particularly with IT work which requires significant timely interaction between client and vendor.

When we produced these pieces, CPM Braxis (Capgemini) was the largest Brazilian IT outsourcing company operating in Brazil.  Since we wrapped our production, they were acquired by French IT giant, Capgemini to leverage their presence in Latin America.

We were introduced to CPM Braxis by David Schutzman Marketing when David was engaged to expand the Braxis presence in the U.S. market.  We have worked with DSM on a number of executive-level thought leadership videos and were excited to work with him on this project and learn more about the market. With the help of DSM, we produced a series of videos with key executives from the company, highlighting all of the advantages of working with them in a nearshore capacity.

For us, the highlight of this project was the time that we spent talking with David Shpilberg, Vice Chairman of CPM Braxis. He’s a super polished, extremely well versed IT industry leader, whose larger than life presence quickly demonstrates why he operates in the top echelons of his industry.  If you’re thinking of outsourcing any of your IT functions, you want to take a look at David and CPM Braxis (Capgemini).